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PLEASE NOTE We are not the official V Festival site or associated with organisers of V Festival, We are just V festival fans like you.
Questions about the V festival like, How to get a stall at V festival should be directed to the organisers.

Any other questions on V Festival please send them to us, we particularly want your reviews, pictures and videos so we can share these with others. Just add your question in the comments below.

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  1. Hi
    I was wondering if you can help me.
    I want to get 4 tickets for the festival and was wondering if they let you buy the camping at a later date as it’s just cause of how I get paid from work. Won’t be able to afford camping at first but month later I will. Do they allow to upgrade to camping

  2. Hi,

    can you get back stage at the festival, so what i mean is pay extra to be in like a vip bit so your not in the big crowds, so like at the side inside the stage

  3. Hi,

    We’re having a chat about V Fest in the morning on BBC Essex and we’re hoping someone from the fans page might come on and talk about it.

    Could you call please? 01245 616066


    Chris Flynn
    BBC Essex

  4. How much are weekend only tickets? I’m arranging my hen weekend for hylands park and want to make sure all the hens are ready to purchase their tickets in February

  5. Hello,

    I am under 18 and don’t have a valid passport.

    I’ve heard we need to show ID upon entry, Can you please confirm if birth certificate is okay?

  6. Hi,
    I have tickets to camp for Highlands Park but wont be arriving until 10pm Friday 18th. Will this be a problem? Will I still be OK to get into the campsite?

  7. Hi folks, my son is going for the first time and will be camping . Is the camping extended to the Sunday night or will it be expected that everyone leaves the site on the Sunday night. New to this so all help gratefully received . Thank you !

  8. Hi Everyone i have gor a residence weekend camping ticket and i wonder if i dont have to camp, could i come out of the arena and get back in with my wrist band?

  9. I have forgotten my wellies. Is there somewhere in the festival where I can buy some? Also, any idea how much? Thanks

  10. I’m having so much trouble trying to change the postal address on my 8 tickets I purchased. Please can someone help me get this sorted as I’m getting no where and you don’t have a phone number I can ring .

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