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V Festival Review 2010

So did you goto V Festival 2010 or watch it online via the official v festival webcast, or watch it on Channel 4 . E4 and 4music? Who were your favourite acts? was it Kasabian, or Kings of Leon, what about florence and the machine, Prodigy and David Guetta. What site did you goto ? V Festival Chelmsford or V Festival Weston Park? What was the camping like? Was the beer any good? Did you see any Celebs at V Festival. PLease add your V Festival Reviews below, so to share what you thought to this years event.
What was the performance of V Festival, what was the weather like, and what did you think to V Festival Fashion. Did you see anyone wearing Wedge Wellies as soon on the dragons den.

Add your V Festival Comments and reviews below now.

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22 comments on “Review of 2010

  1. v festival was shite bands were good but the organisers need a kick up he arse £10 2 see band times ripped of wid beer tokens puting all the best bands on at the same time festival food is crap but that place took it to another level full of shity little teeny boppers acting tuff knobheads BRING ON LEEDS

  2. V festival was amazing!! Loved it!!
    Hylands park.. Camping with wicked people, and hearing ‘ALANN!’ 10 thousand times a day! dancing the night away 2 David Guetta with people dancing even on wheely bins!
    Peter Andre, Example, Jason Derulo, Tinie Tempah, AMAZING!
    Amazing! Didnt want to leave!! Roll on next year…!!!

  3. I’ve been to V a few times and always enjoyed it. But this year the organisation was shockingly bad. I spent 3 hrs trying to leave the site after Prodigy, ended up walking back to Chelmsford town centre at 1am in the rain as by the time we found the bus rank we were too late. The stewards and police were really unprepared, couldn’t give directions and didn’t even know basic information about where the exits/buses/taxis were. Unfortunatle it has a well earned reputation as being the teeny boppers’ festival of choice. We had gone primarily to see Doves – the crowd was full of kids who have never even heard of this epic band and who were just trying to get a good spot for the next act. V is one of the more expensive festivals, I think it really needs to up it’s game next year to hold onto regulars.

  4. 4th V I have been to, and I agree with most/all negative criticism: Expensive, poorly organised, schedules for different stages clash much of the time – this didn’t happen the first V I went to.
    Toilets appalling: nowhere near enough for the size of crowds.
    Not enough bins, those that there were didn’t get emptied, rubbish disgusting.
    Getting out of the car parks was a nightmare, not enough stewards/police.
    Drink token refund policy a profiteering joke.

  5. just got back from V Festival Staffordshire and absolutely loved it!! (again) been 3 times now and it gets better every time! still room for improvement though –

    – needs another entrance/exit to get in and out of arena
    – more toilets definitely needed at the 4 music stage!
    – didnt realise there was a sigining tent til the last night, should really include it in the programme that goes round your neck with artist and what day/time
    – the nissan arena needs to be scratched and have another outdoor one cos so many people couldnt get in cos it was too full and it gets far too packed in there and if you do get inside it is so uncomfortably warm and squashed not a pleasant
    experience puts you off seeing bands in there
    – silent disco was amazing – great end to every evening but the queues for getting the headphones was very very slow moving – def needs to be improved
    Apart from that it was amazing and def cant wait to go again! Was very impressed with the organisation of leaving the site after the fest, our car oark was really far away but only took an hour to get off site was expecting to wait a lot longer! all in all loved it! 🙂 <3 <3 <3

  6. Alan ? Where’s Alan ?? That actualy made the Red campsite was so lively, so many partys going on every few tents lol ! It was good in the main arena the 4 stage as If u wanted to just sit down at the back the stage was at a bottom of the hill so you could see every thing ! The sound system was amazing! And queing was no longer than 5 mins for drinks. Everyone was very happy and helpful at the bar. The police being there made you feel safe if It was your first time and you was worried about going you are well looked after! There was plenty of food to choose from.
    The w

  7. The weather was great it rained on the last night badly and tents everywhere got flooded so don’t get a cheap one at least spend £40 to be on the safe side! And the only time I really wished I had wellies was when we was leaving the site as the walk was ridiculous so muddy haha, but I promise this is a life changing festival I’ve been to a few raves playing music but this is one experience you will not forget! I’m so excited for next year! And let’s hope Alan comes back to he will truly be missed X thank you V Festival

  8. My first visit to V years ago was off the scale – so much so that I took my kids the next time. This year was so badly organised and so overcrowded we left early and I will never go again. Full of kids off their faces not even caring who is playing and the people who did care couldn’t get from one stage to another because of the overcrowding – another case of greed on the organisers part!!!! I will find somewhere else to go now.

  9. Been to V fest in chelmsford six times now. So dissapointed : ( badly organised and it seemed like a third more people than normal couln’t move. Had to que for an hour for drink! £10.00 for a guide and all good people playing at same time!!


  10. This is my 3rd time at V and I too Agree with many of the negative comments….. Men blatantly peeing have they no shame !! Did not appreciate having it thrown on me during Groove Armada’s amazing set but would not let one scum bag spoil the highlight of day 1 at Chelmsford. Day 2 and Faithless as ever were on there game Maxi is an absolute Legend many people watching were waiting to see Kasabian so there miserable faces were best avoided (kids that have no idea, but I too like Kasabian and had to make the choice) Saw Prodigy in the pouring rain and they certainly took us all to another level.
    The biggest let down this year was the line up especially on day 1 and then having all the good acts on at the same time on day 2 when the place was heaving. Lets hope the organisers sort it out for next year

  11. Thank god for The Prodigy!! 90 mins of moshing helped burn off some of the crap overpriced food. Organisers are obviously retarded as were some of the little essex boy teeny boppers walking about trying to be hard.

  12. 1st time at v and i have to say i wasnt dissapointed, apart from the toilets! quite a walk to our tents aswell, we were in gold campsite and it was right at the back, bands were excellent, people were friendly, roll on next year!

  13. I would agree that this years V Fest in Chelmsford was the worst organised yet.

    I had VIP camping ticket. The queue to get a wristband for this was 2 hours long, whilst non camping tickets got in immediately.

    After waiting 20 minutes, you then had to pay a £20 donation, all after having missed Feeder!

    Number of staff was too few, it was really hard to find the busses on the way out, with no signs, and no stewards guiding you. I missed it completely the first night.

    Picking up cups was a disaster too! usually 10p each, no questions asked. Always handy when i run out of cash on the last night. Picked up about 100, went to the cup collection point, and the staff took my cups off me and refused to pay me my £10! The reason being was my VIP camping wristband, which they claimed was a staff wristband!!!!! Absolutely ludicrous.

    Highlights for me included breaking into the louder lounge with the wrong wristband on! Meeting a few celebs, some guy from lock stock and Gail Porter.

    I do love V, it’s a really good family festival, but so poorly organised this year it is shameful.

  14. This was my first and last ever trip to V. We went from festival heaven (Camp Bestival, Dorset)to festival hell (V, Chelmsford) in less than a month. We arrived on Saturday bout 2.30pm and by that time the toilets were already disgusting, rubbish everywhere, bins, toilets and urinals overflowing. As expected the bands were excellent, we loved Stereophonics, Tricky, Kings of Leon but had to constantly make choices between great acts because they were on at the same time, the most annoying for us being Scouting 4 Girls and Paul Weller, we had no choice but to only watch half of each. The food was overpriced and of poor quality (apart from the crepes!), very little else to do when you weren’t watching bands, unlike Bestival et al. Nowhere near enough toilets or bins for the amount of people on site (no excuses for that you know how many tickets you’ve sold!) – we were just glad we weren’t booked in for the weekend! To the organisers; we are used to ‘slumming’ it, we camp loads and are happy to make do with the basics – you couldn’t even provide that, your website suggests that the event is not suitable for children under 5 – this should be amended to 15, there is no way we would take our son (7) to this hole. Got away Saturday night with no problems except notably there were few staff around to help those who were lost in the darkness of the camps and car parks! One last rant goes to the idiots who thought it was great fun to pelt other people with beer, food & other dubious substances, you ruined it for lots of people, particularly those who wanted to sit on mates shoulders & were just trying to enjoy themselves. Roll on Camp Bestival et al 2011 – V – NO NEVER, NO WAY!!!!!!!!

  15. I go to a lot of festivals and V is by far the worst in terms of organisation and clientele. The organisers treat the punters like cattle, and as such the punters act like animals. I was unfortunate enough to be suckered into upgrading my ticket to VIP camping which cost me an extra 50 quid. What did I get for my money? A fence around me! The showers and toilets were disgraceful and unhygienic and it was far too over crowded. And with the security watchtowers I felt I was in a refugee camp in the middle of a cholera epidemic. Next were the toilets in the arena. The greedy organisers skrimped on providing enough which meant whenever I needed a wee I had to queue for well over 20 minutes, missing big parts of sets of bands I wanted to see. And then the clientele…. What a bunch of thick, ugly and vacuous morons. Everyone likes a drink at a festival but the behaviour of most of these idiots were beyond belief. How funny is it to piss in an empty cup and throw it towards the front of the crowd? Obviously, hilarious, to most people at V, regardless of your age – I saw a group of thirty-something blokes doing this – all with their tops off sporting crudely drawn cocks and humourless expletives across their paunchy, sun-burnt bellies. V is a corporate horror show and a fantastic reason not to be proud to be British. Oh, and ‘Air’ were the best band there by far.

  16. V festival 2010, was full of essex morons, who find it funny to vandalise the toilets… wee in cups and throw it across the crowd… and not to mention the blatent use of drugs… while watching KOL, a crowd of youths proceeded to chop and snort cocaine! Lots of middle aged people walking around looking like they wanted to fight someone…. i thought festivals were happy places? Many girls were very miserable and rough and i was often pushed and shoved- was obviously keepin them from their GHDs.
    Some vile and disgusting people on yellow camp, thought it was funny to party till 3am, and then do the conga round our tents, waking us up- 150 people came to the camp (a hazard) partying, the guard came, and escourted him out.
    We were told ‘your not allowed chairs’ on sunday. yet 2 mins later other people were taking them in- when they were approached, they said ‘its up to the person letting you in’ BOOLOCKS springs to mind. they were a bunch of overpaid and under qalified monkeys, pushing their weight. W*******S
    V festival seems to be more about a fashion status- so they can update their crappy facebook with statements such as ‘V is brilliant, i just pissed in a cup and threw it, arent i cool’
    festivals like glastonbury and reading are about the music, and having a good time… maybe if they stopped letting chavs in, V might return to the good festival it once was…

    I wont be going again….

  17. This was my 10th and final V fest at Weston Park and I’m not disappointed to say that. Over the years there’s been the same carousel of bands playing year in year out and it’s sooo predicatable now. When they announced Kasabian as headliners earlier this year, I was diappointed but not surprised. Kasabian were there loads before this year. (Yes, I do like Kasabian but they ain’t headliners!!) Also, Cheryl Cole (before she got ill) headlining the Nissan Tent???!!! It’s not about the music anymore…Media popularity obviously gets someone’s vote. (That’ll be the person reading Heat or Nuts magazine not NME!!)
    My other gripe is mobile phone coverage…or lack of. Have Virgin Media taken over the airways inside the arena?? Our group of 5 people on 4 different service providers between us, couldn’t get any mobile phone reception for love nor money!!! Absolutely disgraceful and very suspicious. To sum it up…. A load of shite now, run by teenage numpties with very angry faces, taking their temporary jobs far too seriously and creating un-ease amongst the audience. I’m off elsewhere next year.

  18. Best for me were Kings of Leon, Florence, Amy McDonald, and Plan B. Line-up was weak really – neither Kasabian nor Charlatans are true headliners, and Paulo Nutini is not up to the big stage. Shed 7 were awful as were Corteeners. What was Goldfrapp doing in a tent, and why were poor old Skunk Anansie opening when they would have been so much better in the evening.
    As for the organisation, it was as bad as ever. Too few loos, too slow at the entrances, the token system is just apalling (especially as there is only shite lager, cider and warm wine. Why no real beer??).
    And why have so many tents with music which carried over on to the actual arenas – stop it! Same for the wretched fun fair.
    Another grumble was the amount of people not listening to the music but standing around chatting/shouting/shooting up – there a cheaper places to do this surely.
    We have already got our tickets for next year, but unless the line-up is stronger we’ll sell.

  19. Youre ALL BORING SNOB C***S V WAS THE BOLLOX AND JESS IF YOURE GONNA MOAN ABOUT PEOPLE DOING DRUGS WHY THE FUK YOU GOING TO a festival thats what theyre all about snorting cocaine and getting off your face love it

  20. Chelmsford V festival survival guide: I have to say is the worst organised festival i have ever been too, Dont bother to ask staff anything, I doubt they could even tell you the time? A chocolate tea pot would be more usefull.

    Dont buy the £5 programmes from any unofficial seller – they are only any good as an ass wipe (if you forget to take your own loo roll they are handy!) take a broken watch instead as the Artists starting times will be more accurate, Failing this just drop your pants and bend over and pay the tenner for a real one.

    If you are unfortunate enough to stay for the camping, earplugs and a bucket are a must, save the piss in the bucket for the morning, when the Knob heads in the next tent are away you will find a realy convienient spot to empty it!

    Finaly you will have to learn how to stand in a crowd of 150000, piss in a paper cup and throw it without said piss spilling as its launched! trickey but I saw lots of drunk essex boys who have perfected the piss-throw manouver many times! – If you cant do this you will be in trouble unless you have a bladder the size of a space hopper!

    PS if you do manage to find the hidden garden (just ask anyone but the stewards) you can use the toilets and bar in there – although they are just as disgusting with the same queing time as the rest!


  21. I went to V-festival at Staffordshire this year, I had never been to a festival before but I had an amazing time.

    I thought it was well set out and very secure. By sunday night the place was a tip, but what do you expect with 90,000 people over 3 days? NME’s review of it being a watersport event was 100% accurate, everywhere you looked there was someone peeing up or on something.

    Stereophonics were by far the best band of the weekend!! Dakota and Pick A Part That’s new were AMAZING!!! The Courteeners were brilliant too as were Feeder. Although Feeder should have been a lot further up the bill setting a high bar for the other acts. I was sad to see Florence and Stereophonics on at the same time as both are bands I was looking foward to see.

    We left a few songs before then end of Kings Of Leons set and got out with no que what so ever. Next year it would be nice to see Stereophonics headlining as they were absolutely breathtakingly good!! All in all V is well worth the money!

  22. Sounds awful. An excuse for bad behaviour and underage drunkenness rather than genuine musiclovers.

    Top performers, but do I really want to have wee thrown at me, and witness masses out of control Essex kids?

    Organisation also sounds pretty bad.

    Give it a wide berth.

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