Review of 2008

V Festival 2008 Review

So did you got V Festival? Or have you being watching the live coverage on new music channel 4 Music? Who rocked it for your, and who let you down. We want to hear your V Festival Review.

We want to know what your highlights and lowlights from the V Festival Hylands Park and V Festival 2008 Weston Park. Also if you took any pictures we would love you to add them to our V Festival 2008 Pictures from Fans Page – Check out our V Festival Fans Pictures Page
What did you think of the headliners, were Muse worthy of their top spot? Or did you choose to see The Prodigy on the Channel 4 Stage? Also did you check out the Pigeon detectives on the Channel 4 Stage?

Also were The Verve worthy headliners, or should Kings of Leon grabbed the top billing like they did at Glastonbury.

We have put together a collection of V Festival Videos on Youtube with perfromances from Amy Winehouse, Muse, Prodigy, Verve , Girls aloud and many more.

Does pop have a place at music festivals? Girls Aloud played the main stage what kind of reaction did they get.

Who were you breakthrough bands, who really disappointed you? What was the campsite like, we would love to hear your stories.

Let us hear your reviews; just fill in the form below.


62 comments on “Review of 2008

  1. OH MY GOD. muse were SOO good!!! and the kaiser chiefs were amazing- i caught one of their drumsticks!!! It was then stolen away form me by the security guard and given to a different girl with bigger boobs :O

  2. KAISER flipping CHIEFS
    were AMAZING at Chelmsford.
    Courteeners also.
    AMAZING festival (if you ignore the toilet situation…)

  3. Hello well it’s a long time since V but just wanted to say I had a FANTASTIC time!!!!! This is the 2nd year i’ve been and enjoyed it even better than the 1st time. Met some fantastic Welsh people who put up with me and my brothers Geordie chants. Highlights (what I can remember) where Reverend and the Makers, Prodigy, Chemical Brothers and Hot Chip. Can’t wait for next year.

  4. First time at v..weston! thought it was AMAZING!!!
    the kooks, stereophonics, alphabeat, scouting for girls, muse defo best!!!
    gutted i cant watch any of it on the tele from weston!
    but defo going again next yearr hopefully it doesnt rain as much and the toilets are cleaner!

  5. Although it was a long time ago i thought id add my peace.
    went to the chelmsford leg been going for a long time you know what your gonna get from V…
    Poor sound
    Dismal prices
    Not enough toilets
    crap food
    some odd acts
    But come on! thats all apart of it!
    Stereophonics before Muse was brilliant got the crowd going before the almighty muse came on. I think that was there best set that ive seen but i didnt see them at wembley and the set looked good. Was abit annoyed that The prodigy played the same time but they come no where near to muse for me.
    amy winehouse bore
    duffy bore
    girls alould boree
    wayy too poppy for me.
    shall be there next year!
    But organizers!

  6. Oh and the reason for the change of the main and channel 4 stage was because muse asked to move it because of there sattelite dishes they wouldnt of been able to fit over in the hill apprently.
    Hopefully they’l change back next year!

  7. I have been going to v-fest for years at Weston park. I am so excited for this years v – fest 2009. I honestly think all the people above should stop the moaning. Every year i have gone to this fest in sun and rain i have always had the best time ever. If you are with the right people you will have the best time even if you have to wait in a few que’s. Its a festival what do you all expect. Just enjoy it and if you didnt enjoy V go to a different fesitival. Dont try and disturb other peoples happyness with your moaning comments.

  8. We are going to V at Hylands Park, Chelmsford in a couple of weeks time and we’re in the yellow camp….whatever that is!!! I really dont understand the difference between the camps, can anyone help me out on this?

    When we bought VIP tickets, were told that we would be in the VIP camping area…is there such a thing!!!!?

    please help!!!!!

  9. hi,

    i am going to chelmsford v at the weekend and have never been to a V before. can anybody tell me if you get the comedy tents and acoustic tents there, like at other festivals.


  10. phenomenal Kings of Leon- Do I need to say more. Sterophonics & The Verve were bloody brillant too! Roll on this weekend Oasis and Razorlight!!

  11. omg what yas all moaning for i went v western last year had a ball best weekend ever.
    yer its a festival ofcourse its not gonna b cheap
    im going tomorrow cant wait

  12. V2009 was great, loved king blues (they played even though their frontman was poorly), noisettes, the script, the specials, and snow patrol were brilliant. Really annoyed that oasis couldn’t be bothered to show, not because I wanted to see them, but because I wanted to see keane and snow patrol. The changes should have been announced earlier so people weren’t sat around doing nothing. Thought the arena was really badly placed…couldn’t get there easily, and then rerouted all the was round the campsite…

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