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V Festival 2009 did you go, what do you think of it? or did you watch it on 4 Music and Channel 4. We would like to know who gets gold stars, and who were total fails.

We want to know what your highlights and lowlights from the V Festival Hylands Park and V Festival 2009

if you took any pictures we would love you to add them to our V Festival 2008 Pictures from Fans Page – Check out our V Festival Fans Pictures Page

Who were you breakthrough bands, who really disappointed you? What was the campsite like, we would love to hear your stories.

This year’s festival, now in it’s 14th year, has got some of music’s finest on the bill, and with over 80 acts playing across four stages, the hardest bit will be deciding who you’re going to go and watch!

This year, Oasis are headlining what they profess to be their favourite festival (their words not ours) along with The Killers, so expect spectacular performances on the V stage. Meanwhile over on the 4 Music Stage Keane and Fatboy Slim are just two of the artists scheduled to put on storming sets with a line up guaranteed to get your hands in the air.

Over at The Arena we have MGMT, 2ManyDJ’s, Lady Gaga and The Streets to name just a handful. A short walk away you can catch the freshest talent including Peter Doherty, Howling Bells and VV Brown taking centre stage at the Virgin Media Union Stage.

Let us hear your reviews; just fill in the form below.

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  1. The highlight for me was definitely The Killers, they just send the crowd wild. Brandon Flowers is an amazing frontman and really cares about his performances.

  2. im very disappointed with v this year.The killers and Oasis-what a dream line-up.I really just went to see them (probably like a lot of other fans)The sound techs were awful for the killers,and you could tell brandon wasnt happy,ive been to 7 of their gigs and they have all been 2007 headlined at hylands again and did their norm of about 20 odd songs.this years set was supposed to be 2120-1110.they played 10 tracks and were finished about surely as they have relesed 4 albums now that is very poor?!and of course Oasis pulled outfor the sunday gig-well what could you expect my hubby saw thwm on tele watching the man city match,probably sank a load of beers,did weston and then carried virgin…are you going to give some of our hard earnt cash back?especially as there was a lot of trouble with theives breaking into our tents near tower 19,they were jumping over the fences and looting our tents.weve paid good money to see the bands,and security wasnt up to scratch.people near us,were having their wristbands cut offwhilst they were asleep in there tents.will i go again?the line up has to be pretty good and would go v.i.p camping next.xx

  3. Emma – Killers were never supposed to play until 11:10pm, The official finish time for Killer was around 10:30pm, this is when they finished, V aren’t allowed to play music till 11pm, they never have done.

    Oasis are allowed to go to a football match, at the end of the day they are just human beings like us, they then fulfilled their requirement to play at Weston, but I have read reviews that Liams voice was not perfect during Weston, so therefore it is perfectly acceptable that during a performance his voice would get worse, if his doctor told him not to perform or risk damaging his voice further and not being able to fulfil their own concerts, of course they are going to pull out!

    If you read the terms and conditions of your tickets, you will find that under no circumstances will refunds be given if the lineup changes.

    Its not good that people were breaking into your tents, but comeon, cutting peoples wristbands off whilst sleeping?!?! I have 2 responses to this…A) If people wouldn’t get so completely wasted and ruin the festival for the genuine music lovers out there, they would notice someone in their tent at night! and B) Utter lies people are telling to make you feel sorry for them when they probably got drunk and for a laugh cut them off.

    In my opinion, Saturday was an awesome day, was pretty close to the front for Pendulum and ended up with a sore back from some serious bouncing during their set, one of the best gigs of my life, Killers were pretty good, although didn’t set the world alight in my opinion, Sunday was equally as awesome, having a good sing along to the Proclaimers and Lightning Seeds, then finishing the day off with the single greatest gig of my life, Snow Patrol, Hearing the whole crowd singing along during Run and Chasing Cars sent shivers down my spine, this is what Festivals are all about, hearing some great music and hearing some bands you wouldn’t normally listen to, the Noisettes were also pretty good, she is a good Front Person for the band and certainly got the crowd going.

    My only 2 groans about the whole weekend were A) It felt a lot more crowded than last year, even just walking from the 4Music Stage to the V Stage was hell, I could deal with it though, and B) The few in the Yellow camp that thought a Riot at 1-2am was a good idea on the Sunday night, why is it some people just cannot handle alcohol and have to act so immaturely? I’m 27 and drank quite a bit over the weekend, but still managed to have a good time just chillin and listening to the music, then using the camp for what it is supposed to be for, chatting and sleeping, if you want to riot, then go somewhere else and do it, not somewhere where some people are trying to sleep!!!!

  4. This was my first V Festival and it really was not my cuppa. I will admit that Download is more my kinda thing, but i decided to broaden my horizons and give V a go – big mistake. I’ve never seen such a massive bunch of hostile ****holes in my life! At no point did I feel safe or that I could chat with anyone camped around me. There was a constant sense of mencae, and the crowd at Dizzie rascals set where much less than kind. Why would you take time to walk (up to & including) multiple kilometers just to scream “who are ya’?!?” at a guy who was giving it his all on stage. It just doesn’t make sense!!!
    It seems that this “festival” exists for the sole reason of giving people a reason to say that they are party animals, when in actual fact this is the single tammest festival i’ve ever been too (and I’ve been to more than a few, believe me). This is not a place where you can just chill out and meet new people.

    the bottom line is this; If you’re not an avid fan of +5 of the acts next year, DON’T GO! You WILL NOT be able to have a good time on the atmosphere alone (like you can at Reading), as most of the people there seemed to think that making eye contact with them was your way of saying “F*CKIN’ C’MON THEN!!!!”. It’s not worth thwe agro & you will probably get robbed in your sleep as well…….. the food was pretty good though i guess.

  5. Weston was brilliant. Everyone got on well on our campsite and the banter was quality.

    Oasis were crap and Liam shouted most of the tracks (might explain why he didnt attend on Sunday). But Fat Boy Slim was top drawer.

    I expected something on the Sunday night but absolutely no problems at all.

  6. Couldn’t agree more with previous reviewer. There was definitely an atmosphere at this years V that was never there before. Way too many people , 10,000 more each day than last year i understand. Q’s for everything and as previously stated just getting between stages was a feat in itself. Saw several fights this year which i never have before , lots of the”wrong sorts of people” there this year . Hope this was a one off and it can return to its former glory next year…

  7. It was my first festival & i thought it was fanctastic! The Killers, Lily Allen, The Saturdays, N-Dubz, Pixie, Katy Perry, PENDULUM, James Morrison were all amazing. I cannot wait to go next year.. Hylands Park here we come! What a way to celebrate my 18th next year 🙂

  8. Hostile at v festival? are you kidding me everyones a whole lot nicer there than youd get on your average nnight clubbing, considering the sheer number of people and the alchol and often drugs consumed theres always going to be a disagreement at sometime in the weekend, but there few and far between and if you want to stay out of trouble its easily done, do you still live a sheltered life with your mother i take it?

  9. Having been to v festival since it started i used to love it, however, go to another big festival and you will see how they are supposed to be run, in my last year there (2009) i paid extra for the closer campsite which was 45 minutes walk away, there were barely enough water facilities for the campers (we spotted two water taps for about 50,000 campers) but thats okay because the ice cream vans seemed to be open all hours where you could purchase a small bottle for £3.50 a pop!!, the tents were touching each other everywhere(fire hazard) where the organizers tried to herd people in, on two occasions my friend caught on camera fire officers asleep in the watchtowers.

    The security firms contracted hire in loads of last minute staff clearly without proper training as four guards we approached coming out of another persons tent did not speak english at all, a basic requirement for the job i would assume, they managed to get away before we could establish they were going through peoples tents robbing of valuables, you would think when you see a security guard they would be the safe ones!!

    i would never return to v as they have a lot to improve when you compare their standard to other festivals, far too money orientated.

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